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Sensei Smudger Large - SE 09

Sensei Smudger Large - SE 09

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May 31 - Jun 01

Level up your smudge game with the Sensei Smudger Large - SE 09 brush from Makeup Secrets. This flexible, supple, and pointed brush is designed to help you apply, blend, and smudge eye products with absolute ease. Whether you're creating a smoky eye look or adding depth and dimension to your eye makeup, this brush is a must-have tool in your collection.

The Smudger Large - SE 09 brush is compatible with both loose and compact eyeshadow powders, making it versatile for any eye makeup style. Its unique design allows for precise application, seamless blending, and effortless smudging of eye products.

With its flexible and supple bristles, the Smudger Large - SE 09 brush provides excellent control, allowing you to achieve your desired smudge effect. The pointed tip of the brush enables precise placement of colour, making it easy to create depth and intensity in the outer corner or along the lash line.

Its ergonomic design provides a comfortable grip, giving you the confidence and control needed to create stunning eye looks making it perfect for makeup artists.

Select your desired eyeshadow shade, whether it's loose or compact powder. Dip the Smudger Large - SE 09 brush into the eyeshadow, picking up a small amount of product on the pointed tip. Gently tap off any excess product to avoid fallout. Apply the eyeshadow along the lash line, starting from the outer corner and working inward or outward, depending on your desired effect. Use small, back and forth or circular motions to blend and smudge the eyeshadow, creating a soft and diffused look. For added depth and intensity, concentrate the colour in the outer corner or along the lash line and blend with small circular motions. Continue smudging and blending until you achieve your desired smoky or smudged effect.

After each use, clean the brush with mild soap and water or use a brush cleaner to maintain its optimal performance. The Smudger Large - SE 09 brush is your go-to tool for precise smudging, blending, and creating stunning eye looks effortlessly. Elevate your eye makeup game and achieve professional results with this versatile and indispensable brush.

- Flexible, supple, and pointed brush for smudging eye products

- Applies, blends, and smudges with absolute ease

- Compatible with both loose and compact eyeshadow powders

- Provides precise application, seamless blending, and effortless smudging

- Enables the creation of smoky eye looks and adding depth to eye makeup

- Offers excellent control for precise placement of colour

- Suitable for professional makeup artists

- Ergonomic design for a comfortable grip and precise control

Bristles: Blended

Handle Wood: 100% FSC Certified Wood

Handle Colour: Matte Black Satin Finish

Ferrule: Grey Matte

MRP: INR.625 (Inclusive of all taxes)

Product: Makeup Brush

Unit: 1

Brand Name: Makeup Secrets

Country of Origin: India

Manufactured & Marketed By: Indeutsch Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Consumer Connect: The Manager, Customer Care Department

Address: B50, Sector 88, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, PIN-201304, India

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