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Ecosmetic Dual Brow - EE 01

Ecosmetic Dual Brow - EE 01

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May 31 - Jun 01

Perfect your brow game with Makeup Secrets' Ecosmetic Dual Brow EE 01. This double-ended brush is a must-have in your beauty toolkit, featuring a slanted brow brush on one end and a spoolie on the other. 

This dual-functioning brush allows for seamless application, shaping, and blending of brow products, whether you prefer a powder, pomade or gel. Made with high-quality, vegan bristles, it is gentle on your skin and supportive of the environment. The Ecosmetic Dual Brow EE 01 is your solution for achieving well-defined brows in a sustainable way.

The Dual Brow EE 01 is the ultimate tool to help you achieve brows that wow. Here’s how to use this versatile brush for the perfect brows:

Start by brushing your brow hairs upwards using the spoolie end to see any sparse areas that need filling.

Then, with the slanted brush end, lightly dip into your brow product. Be it a powder, pomade or gel, always ensure to take a small amount to avoid harsh lines. Tap off any excess product.

Apply the product using small, upward strokes to mimic your natural hair growth. Start from the inner corner and move towards the tail of your brow, creating your desired shape.

Once you've filled in your brows, go back to the spoolie end and gently brush through your brows again. This will distribute the product evenly and create a natural finish.

After use, always clean your brush to maintain its quality. Use a mild soap or brush cleaner, rinse under lukewarm water, reshape the bristles, and allow it to dry flat.

Vegan and hypoallergenic bristles are suitable for sensitive skin.

Double-ended for multipurpose use.

Slanted brow brush for precise application of brow products.

Spooley to groom brows and blend for a natural finish.

Facilitates a range of brow looks from natural to bold.

Durable and comfortable handle for easy manoeuvrability.

A step towards sustainable and ethical beauty practices.

Designed for both professional makeup artists and beginners.

Bristles: Synthetic

Handle: 100% FSC Certified Wood 

Handle Colour: Brown Stained Gloss Finish

Ferrule: Matte Brown

MRP: INR.575 (Inclusive of all taxes)

Product: Makeup Brush

Unit: 1

Brand Name: Makeup Secrets

Country of Origin: India

Manufactured & Marketed By: Indeutsch Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Address: B50, Sector 88, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, PIN-201304, India

Consumer Connect: The Manager, Customer Care Department

Address: B50, Sector 88, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, PIN-201304, India

Phone: +91 8808801600


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