Makeup Secrets is a labor of love by a team of seasoned professionals who have been in the business of making art tools for decades. A certain expertise gathered over the years both through making art tools as Pan Art and by being manufacturers of brushes for some of the top makeup brands in the world, prompted Mr. Sameer Jain, CEO and Mr. Rakesh Anand to masterfully create their own flagship makeup tools line.

Makeup Secrets was christened so because while one is always swarmed with makeup and beauty videos and TikToks, there is very little content on what makes makeup look airbrushed and flawless i.e. the right kind of tools.

Makeup brushes are integral to a good skin like finish and a lot goes into the careful selection of bristles, the angles, the grip et al to make sure that each brush is crafted to meet the different requirements of different face types.

Our face changes as we age, we don’t have the same contours as we do when we are younger, similarly the need for makeup increases with age.

Keeping this in mind MUS offers a wide selection of individual brushes as well as curated ranges to fit different makeup requirements tailored to suit different spending budgets and lifestyles.

Purchasing the right combination of makeup brushes can be a daunting task especially for beginners. Unless one has adept knowledge about makeup tools, they aren’t sure exactly what should go in in their makeup toolbox. MUS makes it easy for the beginner to the bride to the boss to the professional to choose the perfect set of brushes with its ranges namely Dazzle, Promise, Bawse and Sensei respectively.

The need for conscious makeup tools is on the rise with vegan consumers and we have a range that caters specifically to them called Ecosmetic which is made with the best-in-class faux bristles that give an impeccable skin like finish in application.

Five curated ranges, each bristle and brush goes through rigorous quality checks, crafted in artisanal facilities, proudly made in India for the world. We give you Makeup Secrets- a beauty tool brand that is and will always be true to you!

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